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Yanik K. Müller


Since his childhood, Yanik became obsessed with one question: How to live fully (a life of meaning and purpose)? Yanik's life has been and is to live the dream: Live a life of meaning and purpose (self-actualization).
Initially, ice hockey became Yanik's way of self-actualization. Playing his first ice hockey game in the professional Swiss League at the age of 16 until 19, it took him precisely 10 years to get there, starting at age of 6.

Yanik transferred his passion and determination for skills aquisition off the rink. A graduate from the University of Ottawa/St. Paul University (Hon. BA in Conflict Studies) and McGill University (MA in teaching & learning), he now lives his childhood dream of learning from- and working with the First Nations people in the Cree Nation of Nemaska, Québec, Canada.

Who does he consider the most important people in his life: His parents
What is he most grateful for: His parents
What does he consider the most important variables in living fully: The process; discipline, routine, AND set early and rise early ;).

+1 613 407 04 74

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