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Monjur Chowdhury

Teacher & social entrepreneur

Dr. Chowdhury did his major in the field of electrical engineering. He obtained his Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering, specializing in electrical power systems with a special emphasis in Renewable Energy, from Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Russia. He also obtained his Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) from Queen’s University in Canada and Teaching certificate from Ontario College of Teachers.

Dr. Monjur Chowdhury is a teacher and a social entrepreneur with a passion for implementing quality educational models that serve underprivileged children. He has more than 20 years of experiences in managing cross-functional and cross-cultural teams. Monjur has been successful in building strategic partnerships and global networks for internationalization of quality education and research in technology. He is the principal architect and founding director of AlivEducation & Consulting Co-operative - a new way to learn and teach. He also teaches elementary and high school with the Ottawa Catholic School Board in Ottawa, Canada.

Dr. Chowdhury worked as a Research Fellow at the School of Information Technology & Engineering of the University of Ottawa. He was a member of the team under the supervision of internationally renowned Control Engineering specialist Prof. N.U. Ahmed. Monjur’s contribution to this effort is the development of mathematical models related to optimal control of energy resources. His recent publication under the name “Optimum Policy for Integration of Renewable Energy Sources into the Electrical Power Generation Systems” has been published in the Journal of Energy Economics. His personal goal is to implement the model for socio-economic advancement leading to universal benefit.

In October 2010, Dr. Chowdhury was appointed as the Principal of Mornington College of Business (MCB), an affiliated post-secondary career college in Bangladesh- based in London, England.

In his academic and professional background, Monjur has contributed to the start-up of the following:
Co-founder of OttawaLEARNING CENTRE
Sole Proprietor of Pro-Active Education Program
Founding Principal & Managing Director of AlivEducation & Consulting Co-operative
Executive Director of Pro-active Education for All Children Enrichment (P.E.A.C.)
Former Chair of Ontario Committee of Immigrant and Refugee Co-op/CED Action Network (ICAN)
Founding Member and CEO of Canadian Centre for Global Professionals in Ottawa, Canada
Ex Member of the Advisory Board of the Diversity & Equity Committee in the City of Ottawa

Dr. Chowdhury has extensive experience in delivering speeches and presentations for diverse audiences. Writing academic papers and articles for international journals and conferences is one of his much strength. Experience from living and working in different countries allows him enjoy dedicating his time in multi-cultural & multi-linguistic environments. He is capable of both oral & written communication in English, Bengali, Russian, and French.

+1 613 407 04 74

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