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Robert Louis


Beside attending Harvard Medical School, Postgraduate Medical Education in Clinical research, Dr. Robert Louis (Also known as Edmond Robert Louis) is a Canadian, Resilience scholar and professor. He is world known as an expert in Positive Human Development. He develops and applies multidisciplinary, empirical methods in Applied Human Sciences research, focusing on Resilience activation and Human development.

He has internationally published many scientific articles, including recent findings on resilience activation, in the European Peer-Reviewed Journal “Child Abuse Note Book” ( Professor Louis has a long history of participating in international, world-class scientific activities including: The 4th, World Congress on Resilience, Palais du Pharo, (Marseille – France); The 3rd, World Congress on Resilience, (Quebec), The International Conference on Resilience, (Nova Scotia), and the World Congress on Suicide, (Montreal, Canada).

Dr. Louis is a member in good standing of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. With a multidisciplinary scientific background, he holds a Doctorate in Applied Human Sciences from the University of Montreal. He is a collaborator to Harvard University’ Center on the Developing Child.

Dr. Robert Louis is a brilliant researcher contributing to science with his ground-breaking discoveries, especially in resilience activation. From his doctoral thesis, he innovates by proposing the concept of "resilience activated ”, which is defined as follows:“ The fact for a human being, with the help of a tutor of resilience, to manage to seize the present, to overcome his fear, to appropriate his sense of existence and, to find its place in society ”(Louis, 2017). With this major contribution which has changed the field of Resilience studies and human development, Dr. Louis is on the leading edge of science.

+1 613 407 04 74

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